25 thoughts on “Allotment Diary May 18th : Basic Tomato Growing tips and terminology”

  1. is there any way you can tell , say for instance , you don’t know the variety ? I have some lucky dip toms I planted and they are not like any tomatoes plant ive seen before , really long spiral leaves !

  2. I just bought a gardeners delight Tom plant from the market. Been told it’s been hardened off but not sure if it might got a bit knocked about in the carrier back it looked quite sad when it got home! I planted it outside up to the first set of leaves… Is this all correct? I’m guessing this is an indeterminate?

  3. If you want to harden them off just leave them outside during the day and bring them indoors at night for a few days.
    Growing Toms outdoors is pretty hard unless you have a warm spot with no wind,I don’t bother up here as it’s too cold but if you can provide a warmish spot out of any strong wind then give it a go.

  4. I’m a first time gardener and really loving it so far! Your videos and diary are the most helpful! I’ve got loads of cherry tomato plants at the minute and need to harden them off… any tips?

  5. Thanks Dan…I rushed out to my mini greenhouses to make sure I had done it right. I have pinched out my black cherry variety which is a cordon but Ive got 2 other varieties mixed up..cordon and bush! Silly me! Will it make much difference if I leave em be? Will I be able to tell em apart eventually..ie before fruiting? Will just a few stop growing tall? Is that too late..? Cheers 🙂

  6. Great video Dan, glad i watched it. I have pulled the side shoots of every tomato plant i have grown, didn’t know any different. Now i will let my Super Marmande (Beef Steak) to grow as it was meant too. Bush.

  7. Hi , I just use Levingtons F2+S it’s a professional seed compost but any decent multipurpose sieved well through a 1/4″ sieve and some sand added should do well.

  8. Hi Dan, love your videos, Can you let me know what soil you plant your carrots in? I know your video is on tomatoes but ive just watched a past video also on your long carrots.
    Im just starting out with veg growing in my garden and your vids have been very helpful. thanks jayne

  9. Great explanation. Determinate or bush tomatoes are freat for growing in pots.

  10. Basic info on stuff like this I’m really glad to learn; More, more :-)… Thanks for posting

  11. What would I do if I don’t know which one it is. Should I just let it grow without pinching?

  12. I’ve always wanted to try to graft my own toms onto a more vigorous rootstock but could never find out what rootstock to use.
    Bought some grafted plants one year and they grew in rubbish soil like nowt I’ve ever seen.
    I fancy doing some Frankenstein experiments.
    I grow Gardeners Delight too,never fail no matter what the weather does.

  13. If you were to nip out the top by mistake it’s possible to graft a sideshoot from another plant onto the top. I’ve grafted tomato onto potato before although it serves no practical purpose. I usually grow f1 types but I’m growing Gardeners Delight this year. I don’t know what it tastes like but it grows well even when it’s cold.

  14. This is very helpful indeed! I’ve been wondering about the differences…now I know! Cheers!

  15. Dan mate… I could really do with your help on tomatoes and pumpkins… any chance you could have a look at our site? Cheers Jeff n Chaz

  16. Good, clear explanation, Dan. We should have you writing instructions and descriptions on the seed packets.

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