8 thoughts on “Apartment Food Gardening Tips Whats Next”

  1. Thanks for the info. We will be moving from a house to an apartment soon,
    and I’ll definitely be using your suggestions!

  2. Your welcome, please keep an eye on this channel as I do a lot of videos
    for container vegetable garden. You may also want to check out my Potted
    Vegetable Gardening website. There is a link on the channel header here.
    Good luck with the new container garden

  3. You may be wondering why Karin is scratching her head a lot? Shortly after
    the video was contacted by a viewer got in touch with me and suggested I
    check her hair with a fine tooth comb. Yes, we had a nit war after that.
    Just a part of being a parent. Thanks to the viewer for the advice as i was
    checking by site and couldn’t see anything. Big Help!

  4. Yer, all sorted now. Not scratching and feeling good. I have to keep an eye
    out though over the next few days!

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