14 thoughts on “Basic Gardening Tips : When Is the Compost Pile Finished?”

  1. true story..dog poop chicken,poop,one scoop of cow poop,just one! raw
    tomatoes,banana peals,half pound of roaches dead or alive,one shovel of
    horse poop, all the egg shells you want because they have good minerals and
    your not going to belive it human poop at least one pound no more! mix it
    up real good and you will have the best vegetable garden in the world! my
    cousin was a vegetaian so I got the human poop from him, he is avalable he
    sells his poop for $30 BUCKS an ounce his #is 806 7860098

  2. Here, here! It’s good to hear someone else preaching the good word.
    Hardwood leaves are one of the best things you can add to compost for
    replacing minerals in garden soil. They’re way cheaper than rock dust plus
    they add organic matter that improves soil texture and maintains a healthy

  3. the woman in this film also goes videos about keeping chickens for the meat
    and eggs. i have heard that chicken poop is very good for the compost .

  4. Did she sieve that compost or something? It looks very dry and crumbly and
    fine. My compost is usually well rotted but usually has one or two well
    rotted lumps in it.

  5. Thank You! I just started my compost pile and i needed to see what it looks
    like when its finished! I cant wait to have homemade compost!

  6. Everything I’ve heard strongly discourages use of cat/dog and human feces.
    Chicken, cow and horse manure are best for the high nitrogen content in it.

  7. I highly recommend checking w w w . gardenlearningtrust . c o m/subscribe
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  8. Since there is plant matter ( gourds etc… ) in your compost, then there
    will be minerals in your finished compost. Especially if what was put into
    it came from deep rooted plants like trees. All plants consist of some
    amount of minerals. Accumulator plants will of course have more.

  9. The soil is made up of broken down plant material and minerals which come
    from broken down rocks. Compost is just the plant material. I think that’s
    what she’s saying.

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