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  1. I planted some strawberries in two large pots, one larger, the other smaller, so that it looks like a fountain. That was two years ago. The first year they didn’t do that well, but this year they are producing quite a bit.
    This is a nice video on planting strawberries. The only thing I would add is to remove any berries so that the plant can concentrate on building a healthy root system.

  2. Following the medical addage of “first do no harm”, I would defer to your suggestion and hold off and see how the plants do next year. Could be that the manure could be sufficient to carry the plants through another season. After replanting your runners with some added compost (worm compost being superior) :), I think that give them a good start with only a very small percentage of nitrogen.

  3. Thanks. Are you suggesting that I apply the mature compost next spring, that this will fix the problem?

    It’s been suggested too that I just leave the plants alone, don’t fertilize OR water and they’ll respond to the stress by producing fruit to propagate themselves to a more favourable location.

    As is, the location is perfect so they propagate by sending out runners. Make sense?

  4. – usually the problem is too much nitrogen. A mature compost would be a better solution.

  5. I had a row of strawberries along the south facing fence that would yield about three or four handfuls of berries, not a lot.

    In the fall, I transplanted them all into three rows, 2 ft apart, about 10 ft. long. I added some sheep manure on top of the soil and this year, all the plants are thriving with huge leaves and multiple runners, it’s all growing like a weed.

    But, very few strawberries. I kept them well watered and we’ve had a very, warm, sunny summer.

    What did I do wrong ?

  6. Started late May growing strawberries in a container. I only have green leaves, new stems with baby leaves, but no flowers.How long does it take to see stems begin to flower?

  7. thank you so much for this.. great info.. I will try to plant strawberries next time..

  8. My goal this year is to start my own Strawberry container. I keep saying it every year and don’t, but I’m determined this is the year.

  9. Wish my strawberry plants were growing…I purchased around 10 of them, and I’m left with one and it only grew 1 strawberry that the birds got, the other plants have roots, but they have all dried up…no runner either….can anyone give me advice.

  10. My Strawberry plants are also HUGE this year, it’s awesome! This is the first year and no berries, next year probably.  I have 3 runners off of every plant, that is also AWESOME! I’m going t o start another bed in the fall:)

  11. Funny you say that. Just the other day, I thought I heard something behind me when I was in the garden, then when I turned around, one of the strawberry plants was kind of swaying back and forth, like if something had brushed by it… then I ran into the house and locked all the doors and windows when I heard this: “If you build it, they will come.” I don’t want to go back out there anymore.

  12. LOL Yep, when they start sending out runners, at first you’ll be like “Oh how cute”. Then after they send more, you’re like “I should root these and have more plants”. After a few years, you’re buried up to your nipples in strawberry plants and it gets to be more like a strawberry horror movie and the Beattles song “Strawberry fields forever” starts playing in your brain and you’re wondering if you can make it to the car before they catch up with you and send runners into your ears!!! LOL

  13. Yeah, I didn’t know that when I bought 10 plants back in April from Walmart, I have like 20 plants now, they keep having babies and I am out of room! I thought these things died in the winter and had to be replanted, but I found out thru a forum that the first year you put them in, they only est themselves and grow, you don’t get serious berries until year 2, 3, etc. I thought they were more tropical, but they are actually hardy. I’m glad they like to be crowded, I have too many plants now.

  14. Strawberry plants last for years. They come back every spring. You can also plant the runners that shoot off of it. My strawberry plants get bigger each year. This year they’re freakishly huge! It’s kinda spooky cuz if they get any bigger, they’re gonna strangle me. 🙂

    *grabs the gun to go harvest strawberries*

  15. do you plant strawberries once or do you have to replant them every year like tomatoes???

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