25 thoughts on “Green House Construction Tips for Growing 11 Feet Tall Plants by Jorge Cervantes”

  1. That’s right, Jorge! Totally agree. If ya want Mother Nature to take care of´╗┐ you, take care of her. ­čÖé Jorge, you’re fucking awesome.

  2. The deeper your soil bed the bigger the plants of courss that’s means alot of water to some people give up to 10 gallons a day´╗┐ or more for outdoor plants depending on their size and bed

  3. First world pothead problems – Too much buds everywhere,can’t get´╗┐ through. xD

  4. Try optimizing everything. Read Jorge’s book and apply all the things you´╗┐ find. The results will be worth it.

  5. 10´╗┐ plants, 5lbs plus a plant. 10 pounds from 30 plants?? maybe indoors thats a fail if we are talking outdoor grow

  6. hey jorge it will be so cool to make the 6th´╗┐ edition in french !!! not like the 5th edtition. i mean i would like to have the 6th edition in french with all the cannabis picture !! keep doing what you are doing !!!! everything i know about cannabis is because of you ­čśÇ

  7. Hey if u have a plant in a 3 gal bucket would it be ok´╗┐ to put it in a 50 gal bucket?

  8. Jorge whats your take on using smart pots vs raised beds´╗┐ vs traditional in the grown holes and using about 300 gallons of soil per plant. With Lake County’shot summer weather ?

  9. Red StarB. K its seeds and yes its all about the soil most ppl will just use cheap miracle grow and grow fast fat ass trees that taste like crap and professionals use clean soil or a hydro system and tats the difference´╗┐ and what makes it pull maximum weight is having enough

  10. i have one question, how can these people get 50-70 pounds from´╗┐ 10 plants and some profesional growers get 10 pounds from 30 plants, is it the soil ? watering? seeds ? or some other reason, because i know very good growers who get like 10 pounds from 30 plants

  11. How big is your garden jorge and where do you find time to work with all these gardens? I’ve never gone into buds because watching my friends struggle with all the timing of nutrient watering and light regulating. I’m in´╗┐ Colorado and the market has enough growers already, just a headache to me but I respect how you keep up. I’ve my own project that is less maintenance. Do you even rely on your harvest for income or do you balance it between writing books and dvd’s?

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