1. I’ve read somewhere that peppers like to be crowded a bit. Not necessarily
    a small container, but lets say you had a single 20 liter pot, instead of a
    single plant in the pot, to have two or three (of the same kind). Something
    about them supporting each other somehow . Doesn’t make sense to me but I
    figured I’d ask. 

  2. Your audio is really loud on the left channel and really quiet on the right

    Great vid though!

  3. I was worried that my 10L pots wouldn’t be large enough to move my
    seedlings into, but it seems that they’ll do the trick. Perhaps I’ll get a
    couple of 15Ls for the ones I want to get more yield from (a Thai Bird’s
    Eye and Carolina Reaper).

    Thanks for the most helpful video and visual comparison!

  4. Hi. At what point is it too late to re-pot them? Since killing off my
    courgette by transplanting it, I’m weary of potting things on once they get
    to a certain size. At the moment my chill is about the same size as the
    first one in your video. Is it too late to put it in to a bigger pot?

  5. Thanks Mark, I’ve managed to get hold of some second hand large pots based
    on your recommendation on this video. I might even add a film of me potting
    them up/in their final position. I really do learn alot from your videos.
    Thank you

  6. I wouldnt pot on until they are about a foot tall because keeping them
    slightly constrained makes them flower. Its the balance between constraint
    and then allowing enough room to give you a heavy crop.

  7. The best video I’ve seen to help first time growers like me. Thanks for all
    the advice!! Great vid!

  8. Wow, great information and nice demonstration. As the American saying goes,
    the proof is in the pudding.

  9. I am really pleased that my films are useful to you. Look forward to seeing
    your plants!

  10. I’ve been wanting to do that comparison myself. Interesting how much
    difference a bit more size makes.

  11. No its not too late. Chillis are in fact not annuals so if you pot it on
    now it will just grow bigger.

  12. Do you mean to over winter in which case the main thing is to prune the
    chlli back by about two thirds, reduce the watering and just let it tick
    through the winter.

  13. Cheers mark Trotsky forgot about this video and its a question I was asking
    just last week, great thanks.

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