18 thoughts on “Growing Tomatoes & Tomato Growing Tips”

  1. 9 Secrets you didn’t know before, on How to Grow Great Tomato Plants:
    growtomatoestips. com

  2. 19:58 “This guy uses small tomatoes on his hamburger. I’m not gonna hang around with him.” 😀

  3. Thank You, BackToConstutution for kind and serious answer.Here disappeared original tomato’s sed-corn.If I will try, only ” modern ” seeds may find.
    To not tell, once I buyed tomato on free “place ” When cut it ,seen new plants 2-3 mm longs, from tomato’s seed All become visible like a brush, a hair-brush ! Immagine my frightening: green brush in tomato fruit !

  4. I don’t think people are dummies, nor are animals
    Bees can tell other bees where the honey is
    Do you know where the honey is?

  5. It says that the guy in the White House, without proper papers to be there, can take over your garden, any time he wants

  6. We must buy and ” eat” here GMO tomatoes; like Rambo, or Machine-man but not real tomatoes =all ‘qualities for good SELL, but nor good EAT

  7. Hello BTC, So there is an executive order dictating weather or not I can start a vegetable garden? Are you serious!?

  8. Wow. I’ve been taking out the seeds, washing them off. drying and storing them and doing a whole lot of work without results! NO WONDER?@#$%^!
    THANK YOU!!! You should call this TOMATOES 4 DUMMIES and start a series for all the other people out there like me!

  9. Hello back to constitution, I took your advice last spring and just sliced a rotting tomato and planted the slice. They came up quick bc the seeds were already softening. Thanks for the tips. Peace, Celita

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