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  1. frome the thumping sound id be guessing another week and three days at most usely the vine begins to dry out and dy e arounf the melons redy usely but best i could tell the sound would indicated a lile green yet ok if your shipingcross contry but a week shuld ber abut rit ripe

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  4. You don’t want watermelons hanging. You may be able to arrange in neat rows or something, but where they end up is probably best for them, and after all, you want what’s best for them as far as they go, don’t we.

  5. Gently pinch where the vine attaches… If the vine feels brittle the watermelon is about to detach if it still feels very green then the watermelon is not ripe yet

  6. Make a Hamic for them out of an old T-shirt or pant leg any piece of material will do and attach it to the trellis

  7. Oh god! My mistake sorry didn’t Finnish what I was going to say ill try again

  8. Do you think there’s a way to grow them in an orderly or neat way? With tomatoes, you can use a circular cage so it grows upwards.

  9. easyest way to tell if its ripe is to look at the part touching the dirt if it green/white its not ripe if it has a yellow color to the part touching the dirt its ready.

  10. your first time growing watermelons-
    were there any problems when the melons actually started showing,
    i mean, were there any rotting, bugs getting them, etc.?
    im a first time watermelon grower and i’d like to know anything important before
    anything bad happens to my watermelons.

  11. When my mom came in I switched to Viral Death cause it was easier to explain?

  12. If i has yellow flowers and they dry out is that good?Also When do you know when you know when the water melos come?

  13. you wrong bro, you can’t pick the female flower, pick the male flower and remove the petal and put it on female flower. Female flower have a large stalk then male flower.

  14. also= I also learned it can’t help to gently turn them occasionally whether or not they are elvated, as this allow them to soak in the suns goodness. So how are things going at this time with your melons, and is 4 months a definite ideal timeframe to watch for?

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