25 thoughts on “How to Grow Bonsai Trees : Repotting Bonsai Trees : Professional Bonsai Growing Tips”

  1. Please excuse my ignorance but can someone help me understand why he is
    repotting and not moving to a bigger pot. What is the significance of even
    repotting? Could it be to prevent the tree from becoming root bound?

  2. nice video , If anyone else has been trying to find how to look after
    bonsai trees it’s worth trying – Banfan Amazing Bonsai Grower (should be on
    google have a look)? Ive heard some amazing things about it from my buddy –
    just check out the photos – xcellent! 

  3. based on they way you type your sentences. I suppose anyone can talk or
    write much better then your capable of doing

  4. Hi.I am looking for advice.My bonsai tree is drying on my watch,crying to
    witness it.Can you assist me please with preventive procedures how to bring
    my tree to the condition when it was.I bought it 5 month ago watering 2
    times a week have had no issue.But a month ago the tree has started to
    retard or dry up needles became brittle.Thank you in advance.

  5. Just noticed this post is 5 months old. Is the tree still alive? You can
    tell it is still alive if it has put on new growth since you acquired it.
    Let me know and I’ll give you all the best advice I can.

  6. i just wonder if u have a outdoor bonsai when is the best time to cut the
    roots and the tree itself?? wouldnt that be in autum or as soon the tree
    sleeps the wintersleep?? i can not find anything about the time !

  7. in not good in english, so … can someone write me why i need do that ?
    take that wire, pull tree to the water…

  8. If you can you can….you won’t be able to just pull it up out of the
    ground but if you dig up and take up the dirt that the roots are in you
    probably can. It can be a bit tricky though….a lot of trees are a lot
    more fickle than herbaceous plants. I have been planning on trying this as
    well. But I just recently was able to get a cutting from a tree and apply
    some root hormone (IBA) and place cutting in a greenhouse bed …best way
    of doing it.

  9. how do you repot bonsai if you already have the pot full of moss ? i did
    see some of your bonsai with moss right to the edge i have been told not to
    do that as the soil cannot breath is that correct or not ????

  10. hey im 16 im going to stats but dont know what tree i can start with and i
    can get in australia? Thx

  11. i dont know.. i always wanted a bonsai but i dont know if i can manege to
    ceep it alive if its that hard…

  12. Who is awesome? This “expert”? He sucks actually. If you want to see what
    real bonsai is about look up Ryan Neil (American bonsai) or Graham Potter
    (European). THEY are experts. Walter Paul (European) is also very
    excellent. Of course there are the Japanese masters as well. Kimura,
    Michiyoshi Suzuki, Nakamizu-san. The Japanese are the ones that perfected
    this art form and are still some of the best sources of information and
    knowledge. This douche (in the video) should be ashamed.

  13. is it possible to re pot my bonsai in the summer if my bonsai soil was
    really crapy when i brought it. im worried about the bonsai

  14. in that case i can rule out all but nutrients and growth Thanks alot for
    the help 🙂 much appreciated

  15. Hi I think my tree has had a baby, like that one there, but smaller it just
    popped up today. how do you save them? can anyone help? ..

  16. Nice vids. but you forgot to tell us that you CUT the extra roots
    of!!!!!!!!!!!! An important part of repotting has NOT been mentioned…???

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