8 thoughts on “Lettuce Update – Eating Bolting Lettuce Going to Seed. Growing Tips.”

  1. My romaine bolted so I left the biggest strongest looking plant go
    completely to seed. I harevest the seeds (hundreds of them) and replanted
    those seeds the following season. Great success with very nice plants which
    seemed to do better than the first plants. PS thanks for the tip on juicing
    the bolts.

  2. You can replant spinach and lettuce whenever you would like. IF it will
    grow well is another question. Depends on your local climate conditions. In
    the pacific northwest, where it doesnt get too hot, they might do well. I
    personally grow spinach and lettuce in the spring/winter/fall but not the

  3. This late in season can you still replant? Also can you do the same for

  4. I’ve been watching the earlier videos just to see more background. I have
    to say, these are really good videos.

  5. I’m doing the mesclun variety so I can pull the outer leaves too–but I
    heard lettuce was actually LOW maintenance. U just have 2keep little (but
    important) things in mind, such as: I heard that they prefer cooler
    temperatures (so it’s good to start early), and that they prefer shade
    (which could be why they flourished better under the fig tree than out in
    the open), & as u mentioned, planting 2close or 2deep are a no-no too. I’m
    gonna roll with the succession idea too (fingers crossed).

  6. What about getting rid of earwigs and caterpillars naturally? Do you have
    any videos on getting rid of pests? Thanks for your videos.

  7. Cool Ty Jonh ill post on my channel tomarrow my garden im lookimg to
    replant my lettus and spinach plus maybe a few other things ..im in zone 4
    northern Wi ty for your help i enkjoy watch your vids keep up the great

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