12 thoughts on “Tips for growing orchids”

  1. wrong information. =(…. forest floor=bark???? on trees=moss?? im so
    confused. Ice cubes really?? plz do not follow this information. watch
    people like
    Brads greenhouse, Missorchidgirl, soo neaty and plantznthings 

  2. When I first got my orchid, I was instructed to water with ice cubes. The
    first time I did that, the very next day, two unopened blooms fell off (the
    next ones in line to bloom) I didn’t do that again. I soak it in the
    bathroom sink for a half hour or so while I’m getting ready for work or
    showering. I soak it in tepid (almost lukewarm) water. It’s done
    wonderfully since I began doing that. 

  3. Very wrong information! Clay pots with holes at the bottom and on the sides
    are the best for it will not hold water. Water should not stay long in the
    roots. Ice cubes??? It will kill your orchids! Just use a spray bottle and
    dont over-water. Yes, a lot of sunlight. Im from the Philippines. We have a
    lot of orchids here. :)

  4. stay away from ice cubes
    except if your going to mave lemonade
    bwe hik hik hik

  5. Yea, really bad information. Maybe the research he did before the video was
    of all the poor information on the net.

  6. Never water orchids w/ice cubes, and placing orchids in a standard plastic
    pot does not allow enough ventilation for the roots. This guy does not know

  7. Oh my so much wrong information 🙂 that’s why people are afraid of Orchids,
    with such bad advice it’s no wonder people kill them. I think the girl
    knows more than the guy and she should just ignore him.. also Orchids do
    have fragrance and he has a fragrant one right there if I am not mistaken,
    the intergeneric should have somewhat of a fragrance 🙂

  8. This guy really sucks and doesn’t have any knowledge about orchids
    whatsoever. Not all orchids like bright light and they definitely don’t
    want melted ice cubes touching their roots. Keep in mind: Tropical plants
    don’t normally like very cold weather or water. This vid rightfully earned
    another dislike:)

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